DIGILINK products are subjected to most stringent guality control and conform to the industry`s highest standards like EIA/TIA ,ISO/IEC , IEEE, etc.Most importantly , we offer a 25 years performance warranty for entire DIGILINk range of Products / solutions which include in Copper the DIGILINK TG800 , TG600 , e400 and in fiber the optiplus OP2 , OP# & /op range of products.

With a wide range of products available DIGILINK is uniguely positioned to meet your information transportation needs.If we do not have what your application reguires , we`ll design it with you.
Meeting the information transportation needs of industry, financial, retail, education, healthcare, entertainment everywhere.

Net Technology is authorized Distiributer in Yemen.


Cable Copper and fiber

Connectivity Copper and fiber

Patch Cords Copper and fiber

Panels Copper and fiber patch panels

Datacenter solutions

IPLMS intelligent patching