Sun creates products and services that address the complex issues that customers face today, including increasing demands for network access, bandwidth and storage being driven by explosive growth in network participation and sharing. Sun innovates at all levels of the system and partners with market leaders to provide value and choice for its customers.
Sun’s network computing infrastructure solutions are used in a wide range of industries including technical/scientific, business, engineering, telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing, retail, government, life sciences, media and entertainment, transportation, energy/utilities and healthcare.
Sun provides this industries by the suitable solution for their daily usage include Servers, Software, and Storage that help them to execute the their systems and data processing with high speed and performance. And also Sun introduces solutions in backup systems through tape drives , external storage and Dr Sites.

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Disk Storge
Open Storge

Sparc , Intel Xeon , AMD
Blade servers


Desktop & Workstation

Sun Solaris OS

Ultra 27 workstation
Sun Rays clients