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      Striving to redefine what a NAS can achieve, Synology combines the features of public and private clouds to develop a hybrid cloud solution with a web-based platform, transforming NAS into a multi-functional device suitable for various purposes.

      Software innovation

      Centralize data storage, simplify data backup, and share and sync files

      • Multitasking web-desktop: Multitasking desktop tools to facilitate administration efficiently
      • Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR): An automated tool to deploy storage volumes
      • Synology High Availability (SHA): Failover clusters ensuring real-time protection and service uptime

      Hardware innovation

      Continuous service uptime, large storage, and efficient energy usage

      • System continuity extended: System uptime extended by CPU passive cooling & system fan failover designs
      • Airflow enhancement: Enhanced airflow efficiency increases server stability and reduces power consumption
      • Scalability: Scale-up design strengthens management in a unified system structure