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Which security guy are you?

Are you still Typing commands?ย 

Well, It is Time to secure access managed from the Fortigate. You will discover all the FortiSwictches and FortiAPs.

For all we know, many of todayโ€™s largest vendors in the networking industry started selling of Ethernet product and later added security through acquisition. This built in security model necessities inter media re-software to implement roll-based policy, access, and control.

While the FortiSwitch Secure Access Family delivers outstanding security, performance, and manageability. Secure, Simple, and Scalable, FortiSwitch is the right choice for threat-conscious businesses of all sizes. FortiSwitch is designed with security in mind and as piece of Fortinet integrated and Automated into the Fortinet Security Fabric via FortiLink, FortiSwitch can be managed directly from the familiar FortiGate interface.

Do you know that FortiSwitch is an integrated part of Secure access portfolio that offer customer the ability to integrate security into their network ports?
Let me show you on below image How This single pane of glass management provides complete visibility and control of users and devices on the network regardless of how they connect.

How about Secure your Business connected UTM?

Below supports will help you to secure network solution for your Small business


Market Leading UTM

  • Protect your users, systems, and data
  • Plug and Play
  • POE/Wi-Fi


Securing remote access

  • Secure the endpoints
  • Top Rated managed antivirus URL filtering
  • Win, Mac, iOS, and Android


Avoid additional control cost

  • 11ac
  • To 1.3Gbps
  • Application prioritization


Advance email security

  • Secure mail server
  • Anti-virus, Spam – Phishing
  • Sanboxing, DLP encryption, archiving


Full Website protection

  • Secure web application to 20Gbps
  • PCI compliance (5.5,5.6)
  • Sigle Sign-on
  • Auto learning


Protect your voice flows

  • PBX
  • Pro Features
  • Toll Fraud
  • Through Fortigate:

Prevent TDOS, SPIT, VIOP fuzzingย 

Forti Cloud

Online Management and Analysis

  • Manage Secure access and FortiGate
  • Multi Tenancy Option
  • FortiCloud Sandboxing
  • FortiCloud indicators of Compromise
  • Full I year of logs

Let me tell you why our customer chooses Fortinet FortiSwitch

Fortinet Security Pedigree

  • FortiSwitch integrates directly into the security fabric via FortiLink
  • Easy to implement pro-level, role-based, access, and control.

Simplified Management

  • Security Management and access from one familiar interface
  • No License for FortiGate Management.

Nettechology is an authorized partner of Fortinet

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